Donna Air on the London Riots

Followers of Donna on Twitter (@donnaair) will have seen her response to the events unfolding this week in London.

Like many people, Donna’s reaction to the weekend’s rioting in Tottenham was fairly subdued, simply saying it was “sad” to see the news when getting up on Sunday morning.

However, as violence broke out again across London on Monday night, she took to Twitter again, saying: “I’m so sad to see the news again. I cannot believe what is happening right here in London. This is insane.”

Again, her tweets that followed echoed the feelings of many people nationwide, first commenting on how “mindless” and damaging to the economy the actions of the rioters were, before pleading with Geordies not to follow suit in Newcastle.

Then came disbelief when faced with news footage of high-street chemist Boots having been ransacked for goods like anti-diarrhoea pill Imodium.

As of today, Donna showed typical British humour, with a light-hearted tweet to say she would consider it a “declaration of war” if riots in Sloane Square had led to looting of her Chanel boots.

For concerned fans – it looks like our girl is doing fine. Follow Donna on Twitter for further opinions direct from the lady herself.

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