The Amazing Spider-Man Premiere, June 18th 2012

Donna Air Spiderman Dress at The Amazing Spider-Man PremiereDonna turned heads and made headlines at the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man in London on Monday night, in a Scott Henshall creation that lived up to the main theme of the film.

She took to the red carpet in an awesome, diamond-encrusted spider’s-web dress, a distinctly Hollywood take on the classic LBD teamed with black shoes and a simple but elegant up-do.

Reactions were mixed in the showbiz media – with Stylite only approving of the outfits selected by the film’s stars, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Instead, they called Donna’s dress “ballsy” but “tacky” – more than a little harsh for a dress that was created in part by craftsmen at Whitby jet specialists W Hammond.

For a fairer analysis of the dress itself, head to Professional Jeweller, who rightly focus on the work that went into the outfit, and on Henshall’s history with Spider-Man premieres.

As for Donna herself – well, in typical style, she seemingly spent most of the evening worrying that the dress was too short (I’m not sure that’s possible with those legs…) and, later, took to Twitter to ask how she was supposed to take the dress off again!

In between, she found time to tweet this photo of her ensemble alongside its inspiration – which makes me wish Christopher Nolan had decided to cast a Geordie Catwoman for next month’s spotlight-grabbing opening of The Dark Night Rises.

Oh well – hopefully Donna will be attending the premiere…

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