Donna Air says ‘Think Pink’

Donna Air has lent her support to the Think Pink campaign, a partnership between retailer Debenhams and cancer research charity Breast Cancer Campaign.

Donna Air wears Think Pink for Breast Cancer Campaign and DebenhamsEveryone’s favourite Geordie fundraiser was pictured in a ‘Think Pink’ T-shirt, produced by Red Herring and available from Debenhams at a current retail price of £16.

In an October 2nd tweet, the retailer said: “Check out Donna Air showing her support for Think Pink. Show your support with a T-shirt.”

You can get involved with the campaign in any one of a number of ways:

And of course, you can keep up to date with all of Donna’s charity work and other activities in the public eye, by following Donna Air on Twitter.

About Think Pink

The Think Pink campaign was created by Debenhams in 2001 and all sales help to support Breast Cancer Campaign.

Over the first ten years, well in excess of £3 million was raised by the sale of pink items, ranging from lingerie to perfume and accessories – and, of course, T-shirts.

A decade on from the launch of Think Pink, Ed Watson, head of PR at Debenhams, said: “The dedication and continued support of our staff and our customers over the past ten years towards this great cause has been able to fund 68 research projects all across the UK and Ireland.”

Two more years have passed, and the amount raised continues to rise – supported in part by familiar faces like Donna appearing in Think Pink merchandise – funding further essential research into beating cancer once and for all.

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