Donna Air vase sculpted by Flower Council of Holland

The Flower Council of Holland are making flowers more fun – and they’ve started by sculpting a vase in the shape of Donna Air’s head.

Yup, Donna’s the face (and head) of the #FavouriteFlower campaign, which is offering someone the chance to win a vase in the shape of their own head, to give to a friend.

Whether or not the friend will actually want to receive it is a different matter, but with each bespoke 3D-modelled vase valued at around £1,000, it’s actually not a bad prize.

Donna’s was the first head off of the production line, and she admitted that, as well as spurring her to buy more flowers for her friend, she appreciated the entertainment value of the vase.

“One of the signs of a great friendship is always being able to make each other laugh and smile, and this gift will certainly do that.

“I love receiving bouquets of flowers, but admittedly I don’t gift flowers to my friends as much as I gift flowers to myself. But now, with this amazing vase to put them in, I’ll have to make sure her vase is always full!”

The Flower Council of Holland are now aiming to make sure more people give flowers to their friends more often.

In recent research, the FCH found that 87% of women say they are guaranteed to smile when they receive their favourite flowers as a gift, but only 31% have ever received a bouquet of their most-loved blooms.

FCH UK marketing manager Chanel De Kock said:

“True friends know each other’s favourite flowers but, as our research shows, we’re possibly not gifting them to each other enough.

“It’s such a simple gift that’s guaranteed to make people smile and strengthen an already strong bond.”

To be in with a chance of winning a bespoke vase based on your own head, upload a selfie to FCH’s ‘funnyhowflowersdothat’ Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest page, tagged with #FavouriteFlower – you’ll need to give a short explanation of why your friend deserves to receive a flower-filled version of your head (good luck!).

A total of five people will be chosen in all, with each receiving a selfie-vase filled with flowers.

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