Heston’s Gothic Horror Feast

April 27th 2010
Channel 4

Donna was one of six guests at Heston Blumenthal’s Gothic Horror Feast, part of series 2 of Heston’s Feasts on Channel 4.

The show combines Heston’s culinary science with a degree of theatre and fun, challenging guests to take their dietary habits to new extremes as they try out the chef’s inventive new dishes.

On The Menu

Dr. Jekyll’s Magic Potion

  • gin and tonic spheres, set in cold oil
  • herbs, spices and rose petals, crushed dry ice and cucumber juice, vaporised through tonic water
  • layered over lemon-flavoured ice in a martini glass
  • hot gin-laced foam on top

Dracula’s Blood Risotto

  • blood pudding – pig’s blood, spices and cream, blended and thickened
  • spelt risotto with meat and madeira stock, beetroot juice and blood pudding
  • tempura-battered garlic and parsley snails

Donna: “I’m having my supper brought to me like this every night!”

Doctor Frankenstein’s Monster

  • spinal column – baked hollowed hearts of palm, filled with savoury mousse (horseradish, red wine and mushroom)
  • slow-cooked 72-hour short ribs of beef
  • calves’ brain and sioux pastry fritters
  • marrowbone and anchovy-filled bones
  • serve on a replica skeleton

Marquis De Sade Dessert

  • An edible graveyard, containing:
  • caramel and edible-earth-filled chocolate coffins, with chocolate breasts
  • pistachio ice cream, raspberry sauce and chocolate-filled marzipan tombstones
  • white chocolate ‘Death’ tarot card, placed in the tomb

Donna’s Fellow Diners

Donna was one of six guests at Heston’s Gothic Horror Feast, alongside:

  • Ulrika Jonsson, who seems most shocked to see a midget serving the dessert: “Oh my god, look at the creepy man!”
  • Colin Murray, who looks rather disturbed at being forced to take a bite of Ulrika’s titties.
  • Nicholas Parsons, broadcasting legend who confirms that the G&T balls do, indeed, smell like bat poo.
  • Actor Phillip Rhys, who says of the risotto: “If this is what blood tastes like, sign me up. Sign me up.”
  • Laila Rouass, who doesn’t look too keen on anything that contains blood – especially once the word ‘blood’ itself is mentioned.

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