Still Crazy


Donna Air starred as a Dutch hitchhiker in this 1998 rock band reunion road movie.

Still Crazy – The Plot

Still Crazy features familiar faces such as Bill Nighy, Stephen Rea, Timothy Spall, Billy Connolly and Jimmy Nail in the story of Strange Fruit, a fictitious 1970s rock band persuaded to regroup for one last tour in the late 1990s. The actual storyline is a balance between a typical reunion movie – raking over the troubles of the band’s past – and a typical road movie as they try, with mixed success, to make it to their final, monumental gig.

Donna Air in Still Crazy

Donna’s Dutch accent came in for some criticism around the time of the film’s release. But she was still early in her career – particularly her film career – so if a few traces of Geordie make it through she can probably be forgiven. Besides which, I have no idea what a typical Dutch accent sounds like and I’ll bet many of her critics at the time didn’t either.

Either way, her character plays a pivotal role in the movie – and this is very much a spoiler alert so read on at your peril – but Donna walks into shot just as the band are considering quitting their tour; their coach has broken down and they have no idea how they are going to get to the concert. Donna’s Dutch hitchhiker appears wearing a Strange Fruit T-shirt from the 70s and explains that her father called them the best band he ever saw.

With that, her work in the movie is largely done, the group’s confidence restored and the stage set for a rocking finale to Still Crazy.

The stars of Still Crazy

Still Crazy features a British ensemble cast of the highest calibre – not to mention one likely to please fans of Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

  • Timothy Spall takes on the role of Beano, the band’s drummer who is facing financial difficulty – and is stalked throughout the movie by a shadowy female he believes to be from the Inland Revenue.
  • Juliet Aubrey adds a touch of glamour as the band’s one-time runner – and now manager – Karen.
  • However, it is Bill Nighy who arguably steals the limelight as Ray, the troubled lead singer of the group, while Billy Connolly does what he does best and provides a largely comedic performance as roadie Hughie.

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